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ANNA AN EPITOME OF POLITICAL WISDOM                      Back to Article Titles
–G.R.Damodaran, Ex-Principal. PSG College of Technology

Anna is a rare phenomenon. It is difficult to recall to one’s mind from recent history to Tamil Nadu a person comparable to him in such versatility. A born orator, he was a popular speaker and the rage of the masses; he is an effective writer as evidenced by his writings in the papers he edited or c0ntributed to; an actor in his own inimitable way; and a politician with a rare gift of leadership by persuasion. His contribution to Tamil Nadu cannot be easily assessed now but he has definitely made men of his generation realize the suppleness and vigour of Tamil language and its inexhaustible wisdom.

It is no mean achievement to secede from a party captained by a leader of longstanding and to nurse and develop a new party to such a height that within a decade it was able to wrest power from an all India party of the caliber of the Indian National Congress. To evoke such a admiration and love from millions of people in Tamil Nadu as his name does he should be capable of extra-ordinary combination of affability, wisdom and leadership.

His triple code of conduct, namely – Duty, Dignity, and Discipline is an epitome of political wisdom. His interested but unemotional approach to problems has earned for him a reputation for stability and sanity which are hallmarks of statesmanship.
May his triple code flourish.

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