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ANNA’S GOLDEN HEART –A.P.Janarthanam                           Back to Article Titles

We know that Anna had a very big heart. His affection for his followers was boundless. Many a hut-dwellers has told me how he was comforted by Anna. I have been drilled into simplicity, sincerity, dedication and devotion to our sterling ideals by Periyar and Anna.

Anna glowed in the company of comrades like K.V.Alagirisami. He always preferred plain at and mixture. He petted and patted me in my teens. He waxed eloquent on the excellent achievements of our great people. He painted me pictures of early Tamils conquering the seas and scaling the heights of the Himalayas. He rolled out Marshall and Heras who brought to light our Mohenja Daro Civilisation.

He conquered by love and his writing and speeches attracted lots of youngsters. I was close to him from 1938. College students were converted by his writings in “Dravida Nadu”. By his simplicity, affection, protection of Periyar and the Dravidian themes, he is our Demosthenes.

Very brilliant people in various fields were attracted by Anna. Particularly, in the field, the Ace Comedian N.S.K., Nadippisai Pulavar K.R.R., Latchia Nadigar SSR, Nadigamani D.V.N. M.G.R and Sivaji Ganesan, all rallied aournd him. They acted in his dramas & films and which carried our messages to the farthest corners.

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